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Pressure Gauge Movement

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01.Pressure gauge movement’s component
Pressure gauge movement is contained central shaft,segment gear,hairspring and else.
The transmission accuracy will affect the pressure gauge’s accuracy,so the pressure gauge movement is very important.

02.Pressure gauge movement demand
①. Central shaft and segment gear’s transmission angle:
when pressure gauge movement is running,the transmission angle can’t be less than 360°.When they run 360°,the segment gear isn’t geared with central shaft at least 3 teeth.
②.Pressure gauge movement’s transmission balance:
When pressure gauge movement is running,it should be balance and no jump and stop in this process.
③.Pressure gauge movement’s hairspring:
When pressure gauge movement is put horizontally,hairspring is also kept horizontally and kept average distance,and is strongly fixed with the pillar.
④.Pressure gauge movement’s surface:
It should be kept clean and no dirty and burr free and so on.

03.How to keep pressure gauge movement application?
①. When pressure gauge movement is used for long time,maybe it will be caused abrasion.So that the pressure gauge will cause the error or breakdown.In order to keep the application,customer should change new pressure gauge.
②.Pressure gauge should be washed regularly.Because if the inner of pressure gauge isn’t clean,it will accelerate inner spare part wear.So that the pressure gauge won’t normally work,even the pressure gauge will cause error and breakdown.
③.The pressure gauge case should be regularly moved rust and coat anti-rust paint to protect the pressure gauge from the damage of inner spare part.

Post time: Apr-23-2023